Inner-Circle Communities

About Us - Our Philosophy

Our PhilosophyICC is devoted to helping not only our clients but also with providing hope and understanding to the families and friends of those with special needs. We value the role of families and guardians and consider their opinion and involvement critical to each client’s success. We believe in utilizing various techniques and programs to offer maximum flexibility to meet the diverse needs our clients. Our philosophy of ‘expanding the boundaries’ allows us to provide a positive learning environment that fosters independence, community awareness and opportunities. We understand that it begins with great relationships and that is built through hard work and dedication.

We believe that each individual should have the resources and support available to them to help develop the skills needed to create balance and reach the highest level of independence possible. We seek to make a positive difference by improving self-esteem, establishing a sense of purpose. We also seek a sustainable lifestyle by formulating a sense of community and identity through work, school, and family.

Our Vision and Goals

Our Vision and Goals

Our vision is simple: that participation in Inner Circle Communities provides an environment of hope, support and encouragement, where each client is supported in his or her own way. Our clients learn effective ways to care for themselves and others and eventually achieve their goals.