I was born and raised in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  Right after graduating from High School in 1996, I attended Marshall University.  I have worked in law enforcement for approximately twenty years.  I began my career working corrections at the Eastern Regional Jail in West Virginia.  I crossed over to law enforcement operations fifteen years ago and joined the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland.   I am currently assigned to the Motor Unit where my primary duty besides patrol is to coordinate official escorts for the agency.  I am also a certified state instructor in Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operations and Police Motor Operations.  I enjoy competing in Police Rodeos all across the country.   Currently I am a union shop steward through the Fraternal Order of Police and a representative for my agency.

I have always had a passion for riding motorcycles both on and off the job. I currently log more than 30,000 miles annually, at work and while riding with my Defender Brothers.  My work bike is a 2019 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Police Edition.  I personally own and ride a 2017 Indian Roadmaster. 

I became a Brother in the Defenders LEMC in 2014.  Since joining I have held four Executive Board positions; Lieutenant at Arms, Major, Vice President and my last was President of the Mason Dixon Chapter.   In 2019, I was named the Defender Member of the Year.  I was also proud of the fact my better half and Associate, Kim “Short Bus” Cantley was named Associate of the Year. 

I have two beautiful daughters, Olivia and Isabella, who are both Apprentice members in the Defenders.  I joined the Defenders because of my love of motorcycling and for the Brotherhood, which is something I have experienced in my Law Enforcement career.  This Brotherhood has meant more to me than I can fully express.  Simply put, the Defenders are a part of my Family.