I was born and raised in Texas. Left Houston and made the move to Ft Myers in 1986. When I arrived in Ft Myers I worked for the telephone company. Left the telephone company and went to work for The Newspress. While working at the Newspress, I went to school to get my EMT license. I went to work for Lee County EMS. I worked 10 years for EMS and retired to go to work in the building supply industry.

I met and married my wife (Judy) in 1988. When I got married I had a ready made family with 3 kids. Our daughter is the oldest and 2 sons. All the kids are out and on their own. And now we have 2 grandkids. I'm (1) lucky grampa.

I joined the Defenders in 2005. I held a road guard position and the position of Commander of the Lee County Chapter. I love being a part of The Defender Family. I ride a geezer glide Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.